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Instead of Monty Python

Thanks to my work addresswhere some people organized some kind of a christmas fair in december last year, I bought a video of Michael Palin(for 1 Euro only!), called ‘Around the world in 80 days’. So, J. and I this weekend finally got together on the sofa and watched the two films, a total time of nearly 6 hours. And surprise, surprise, it’s been very intriguing and thrilling to watch.
All of a sudden one would want to speak English all the time, one would like to work at the BBC (despite of recent troubles…), one would like to be in the world of 1988, one has the idea to must read Jules Verne, one would like to travel together with Michael, one definitely would just want to BE Michael Palin. And to travel by ship. And then write absolutely great voice overs for the documentary.
And then, the video is over and one wants to see the next one…and another one…thank god, this elderly Monty Python member has his own website!!!

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